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Is the fastest way to find out anything 
about anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Takes You Beyond What 
Search Engines Can Do. 
Stop Wasting Your Time on 
Searches that go Nowhere

Secretly Record Everything Your Kids, Spouse, or Employees Are Doing On Your Computer While You're Away ! Undetectable & So Easy To Use, a Child Could Install It.

Be set up and running 30 minutes from now !

Take hundreds of snapshots of your computers activity every hour, very much Like A Surveillance Camera, without anyone knowing but you. Install this software on your computer and it will Record Everything anyone does with your computer. We even have an add-on that will let you secretly monitor your computer remotely, from anywhere in the world, without going near that computer, ever again ! Learn the contents of Every Email, Every Chat Room, Every Web-Site viewed while anyone uses your computer...Capture & Record every word typed into your computer, in Absolute Secrecy ! Retrieve this information at your convenience. Our software is Totally Undetectable & Password Protected, which means only you can access its hidden log files.

Yes we said Totally Undetectable !

Find Out if their spouse is having an online affair.

Determine who uses their computer while they are away.

Keep a Record of their own PC and Internet activity.

Train other users on new applications. 

Record activity for technical support purposes.

Spector 3.0

Install Spector on your PC and it will record EVERYTHING your spouse, kids and employees do on the Internet.

Spector SECRETLY takes hundreds of screen snapshots every hour, very much like a surveillance camera. With Spector, you will be able to see EVERY chat conversation, EVERY instant message, EVERY e-mail, EVERY web site visited and EVERY keystroke typed.


  • Perform Background checks
  • Locate E-mail addresses and phone numbers
  • E-mail Address Finder (Find an email address using name and/or address 
  • Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES before you hire them
  • Dig up information on your FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, or BOSS!
  • Get a Copy of Your FBI file
  • Locate missing Children or family members
  • Locate old classmates, old friends or even a Long lost lover
  • Able to track anyone's Internet activity and see what they've been doing, chat rooms, etc.
  • Does someone owe you money? This software will get the scoop on anyone
  • Learn how to "Cloak" your e-mail so your real e-mail would not be revealed
  • Investigate your Family history
  • How to locate Military records
  • Instant online Updates for 2 years
  • Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Has been designed to aid you in investigative tasks that require the gathering of information. It is true that many different investigative sources are available on the internet but depending on what you wish to accomplish, you may require other sources that currently are not available online. Therefore, Net Detective provides of all of these sources including those not found on the internet.

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