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Online criminal records reveal arrest records, driving history and personal information on anyone. Whether it's local, state or federal records, there are many sources online today.

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Government Public Records Search Investigative Sources Below

 Hylind InfoQuest, Inc.
307 Dolphin Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
800 777-8567
Registered agent services available throughout the US

BNA Plus
1231 25th Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
202 452-4323
A division of the Bureau of National Affairs

Accufax Division, Southvest, Inc.
4821 S. Sheridan, #109
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
918 627-2226
Multiple government databases

Prentice Hall Legal & Financial Services
15 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023
800 221-0770
Localized court document retrieval service

Nighthawk International
5311 Miller Avenue
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603
503 884-7400
Multiple government and legal databases on line

360 E. 22nd Street
Lombard, Illinois 60148
800 927-2238
Multiple government databases on line

Ferrari on Line International Information Brokers
8 Tudor Court
Buffalo, New York 14068
716 689-6577
Multiple government databases on line

Crimeline Information Systems
6336 N. Oracle, #326-229
Tuscon, Arizona 85704
602 297-9629
California, Colorado, Idaho and Florida with some national

Courthouse Records, Inc.
12375 E. Cornell Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80014
303 695-1111
Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, New York, Washington, Ohio,
Florida, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico and Nevada

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